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I’ve always had a thing for the outdoors, travel, and adventure, which I think stemmed from a wholesome upbringing in a rural environment where we donned gumboots and spent hours exploring the world around us. My Mum would preserve fruit, using glass jars, grow vegetables and compost food scraps. Motivated and inspired by my friend George, who founded Wash Bloc, I took over the reins in 2022, and my ambition is to expand the Wash Bloc range, in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

Our goal is to make products for people who care about the planet, its future and want the next generations to enjoy the natural beauty of our planet, unharmed.

Wash Bloc was founded by George, a Fremantle lad with a passion for travel, sustainability, and surfing. After travelling, and seeing coastlines in Indonesia, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and Portugal, George realised how fortunate we are in Australia to have clean waters that are not riddled with plastic bottles and rubbish. Wanting to make a difference, he started developing shampoo and conditioner bars with a goal to make products that are naturally derived, plastic free and came in biodegradable packaging.

After several iterations and initial development in his grandparent’s kitchen, Wash Bloc was born! Today the products live up to George’s objectives of containing no nasty chemicals, being sustainably produced and as good for you as they are for the planet.



We’re in business to protect the planet.We aim to convert ten thousand people from liquid products to solid products by 2024, with aspirations of changing the way the world washes. As a result, we will save approximately 60,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill, or worse, the ocean or natural environment.


We’ve all seen those horrible images where turtles and other marine wildlife get entangled in ghost nets. With an estimated 20% of the plastic in the ocean coming from boats and marine sources, the other 80% of marine debris consists of discarded plastic, one of Wash Blocs goals is to help put an end to the impact plastic has on marine life.

Plastic’s durability and low-cost manufacturing means it’s extensively used in consumer and industrial products, so there is a lot of it. It is not biodegradable which means every piece of plastic still exists in some form. In the ocean, plastic is broken down by the sun in a process called photodegradation. Small pieces of plastic floating around can be ingested by marine life and cause damage to fragile ecosystems, such as mangroves, making them very harmful to the environment.


Water is the primary ingredient in liquid shampoo, and on average makes up 80% of the shampoo by weight. It acts as a carrier solvent to deliver other ingredients and it also dilutes harsh detergents, like sulphates, therefore reducing the irritation these can cause.

Our Blocs use a minimal amount of water, leaving only the good stuff… and as they are highly concentrated, the bars will last the equivalent of 3 x 350mL shampoo bottles. That will save you money and help save the environment!

It’s time to make a change to the way we wash!

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