How to make solid blocs last longer

Solid Blocs are the way of the future thanks to their strong eco-credentials and simple yet effective performance, BUT in order to maximise the lifetime and get the value out of them without turning into soggy, mushy blocs there are a few things you can do.

If you follow these three tips, I’m sure you won’t be running back to the now old-school bulky, plastic riddled and dilluted liquid hair and body products.

  1. Keep dry - the most important thing to make you blocs last longer is to make sure that when you not using them, they remain dry. I suggest removing the blocs from the shower after each use and sitting the blocs on a tray that has a grid underneath the solid blocs so water can drip off. If you’re really serious about increasing the longevity, you can dry the bloc off by dabbing with a towel after each use
  2. Avoid spray - Don’t let shower water spray blocs when you aren’t using them. It’s happened to me before. I hadn’t used my blocs for a few days but noticed that they were shrinking in size. I then realised while showering that water was indirectly spraying on the blocs by bouncing off my body. Of course, water activates the blocs and over time will make your beloved solid products shrink. I recommend using a soap container that will stop any unwanted water from having contact with the blocs. Our Bloc travel container does a good job of shielding the blocs in the shower. 
  3. Use less - Less is more as the old adage goes, and it’s spot on when using any solid bloc. It’s important to remember that these products are highly concentrated, so you don’t need to use a large amount, in fact you only need to use a fraction of what you typically use with liquid shampoo. I recommend when using the shampoo and exfoliator blocs that you create a good lather in your hands by moving the bloc between hands with some water and then put the bloc down and run the lather through your hair or body. This should be enough if you’ve got short hair, and if you’ve got long hair you could perhaps repeat this. Some people like to rub the bloc directly onto their wet hair and then massage the product into their hair and scalp to build up the later. This is great but just remember not to over do it! I’d say three to four swipes of the bloc in your hair will be enough.