There is hope for our planet.

It's hard to feel good about the planet and how we are treating it. We don't often hear about the incredible things that are happening to make a brighter future. So, here are five projects focused on creating a sustainable future.


1) Worlds' largest offshore wind farm is being built in South Korea.

The wind farm will have the capacity to produce 8.2 giga watts of power. This is enough electricity to support more than 2.4 million homes. The closest off shore wind farm in size is based off the coast of the U.K. and produces a mere 1.2 giga watts. 

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2) Gardening coral and repopulating bleached reefs.

Coral Gardeners are growing and planting coral species that are resistant to coral bleaching events. They are aware of the importance of coral in a balanced eco system and have partnered with the World Surf League to spread awareness. 

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3) Worlds' largest solar energy farm being constructed in the Northern Territory.

The solar farm and storage facility will be connected to Singapore by 4500 kilometre long undersea cables. This will be the longest undersea cable in the world and will fuel the cities energy needs. 

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4) Ridding our oceans' of plastic.

The Ocean Cleanup Organisation aims to clean up 90% of all floating ocean plastic and is focussing on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is now three times the size of France!

Donations have been given to the organisation to allow for 250 000 football fields of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to be cleaned up.

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5) Acoustic monitoring system protecting forests.

An acoustic monitoring system has been deployed in multiple forests to detect any sounds that could be linked to illegal deforestation, such as chainsaws and trucks. 

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